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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Policy and Procedure

During this time, our goal is to protect the health and safety of our staff and families. As we reopen, we’ve updated our health and safety policy and we will be implementing new procedures in order to maintain best health and safety practices. We will be working closely with the CDC and following all of the suggestions and guidelines for childcare centers. We appreciate everyone’s efforts and patients during this time and we hope to make these transitions as smooth as possible. These policies and procedures will be in effect until further notice. This is our new normal, and we will make the best of it.


staff and children will be required to wash hands immediately upon entering the building. We will continue to wash hands throughout the day, following PA Department of Human Services.


hand sanitizer will be available in each section for staff as well as children over the age of 3. Hand sanitizer shall not be used in place of hand washing. Permission slips for children to use hand sanitizer will be available.


Children and staff who are sick are asked to stay home for 48 hours, or until symptom-free. Children and staff who display symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to stay home and unable to return without written consent from Doctor. Symptoms of COVID19 include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle aches
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever of 100.4 F or higher

In order to minimize the amount of people in the center, parents/guardians/caregivers are asked to drop children off at the front door each morning. Staff will take children to wash hands. Parents/guardians/caregivers are asked to send a Brightwheel message shortly before pick-up so staff can prepare children. A staff member will meet parents at the door with child(ren).  Staff will not walk children to cars or be permitted to place children in car. Children will not be released until they are met at the door by a parent/guardian/caregiver.


Children and staff will have their temperature taken each day upon arrival. Staff or children with fevers above 98.9 degrees F will be sent home. They will not be permitted to return to care until they are fever free for 48 hours (beginning at time of pick up) without fever reducing medication.  Children who have fevers due to teething will treated on a case-by-case basis. Children’s health will be monitored daily,


staff will wear masks at all times. Reusable protective masks will be provided by the center to each staff member. Children over 2 years of age who wish to wear masks may do so. Children’s masks must wrap around ears. Children under 2 years of age may not wear masks due to choking and suffocation hazards.

Update (6/28/2021) Vaccinated staff are not required to wear a mask or face covering. Children are no longer required to wear masks. The decision is left to the discretion of parent’s/guardians. If you would like your child to continue to wear a mask, please make the Center Director aware.


Children will sleep 6 feet apart, head to toe or toe to toe. We ask that nappers/blankets/pillows be sent home and washed at least 3x weekly. Please limit the amount of bedding children bring. Bedding will be stored in pillowcases or cloth bags provided by families. Children will not be permitted to sleep with masks on.


The center will be disinfected nightly. All toys/equipment and surfaces will be sanitized with a bleach:water solution after each use. Stuffed animals, soft toys, etc will be laundered weekly. Toys that are used throughout the day will be put aside after use to be cleaned before next use. Cleaning agents other than bleach:water solution will not be used wile children are present in sections.


We ask that all staff and families refrain from international travel to areas not cleared of COVID19 by local government as well as domestic travel to areas not in the green zone. If domestic or international travel is necessary (funeral, court and/or legal matters, illness of immediate family member) we ask that those who have traveled or come in immediate contact with someone who has travel not return to care for 10 business days.


Staff or children that have come in close contact with any individual who has tested positive for COVID19 must remain out of the center for 10 business days.

Update (6/28/2021): Staff or children who are unvaccinated and have come in close contact (6 feet or less for over 15 minutes) with any individual who tested positive for COVID-19 must remain out of the center for 10 business days OR test negative for COVID-19.

Staff or children who are vaccinated and have come in close contact (6 feet or less for over 15 minutes) with any individual who tested positive for COVID-19 does not need to quarantine and may return to care.

Covid Related closing: Update (6/28/2021) Should a staff member or child test positive for COVID-19, the center will remain closed for 10 days.


is defined by the CDC as (1) being within approximately 6 feet (2 meters) of a COVID-19 case for more than 1 minutes and can occur while caring for, living with, visiting, or sharing a health care waiting area or room with a COVID-19 case, or (2) having direct contact with infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g., being coughed on). Considerations when assessing close contact include the duration of exposure and the clinical symptoms of the person with COVID-19.


If contact occurs while wearing recommended personal protective equipment or PPE (e.g., gowns, gloves, NIOSH-certified disposable N95 respirator, eye protection), that contact will NOT be considered close contact for purposes of this policy.



If children are absent due to COVID related reasons, parents/guardians shall be responsible for ½ of payment each week child(ren) are absent. Our teachers have been carefully scheduled to ensure we are properly staff in order to comply with State regulations, for this reason, any unplanned absences must still be paid.


Should Conrad Weiser school district close due to COVID outbreak, Friday’s Child will not care for school age children OR any siblings for 2 weeks after notification of exposure. Parent’s/guardians will be responsible for ½ of payment each week child(ren) are absent.


This policy will be updated in accordance with the most recent CDC information and guidelines. Staff and families will be informed if and when modifications are made to the policy.

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